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MHFA - Mental Health First Aid

What is Mental Health First Aid Training?


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England is a range of mental health training courses, mental health first aider courses to mental health awareness training.  

MHFA training was brought to England in 2007 by the department of Health as part of a national approach to improve the general publics mental health awareness.


The courses are written by experts, grounded in research, and tested by people with lived experience of mental ill health, they raise awareness, reduce stigma and improve confidence in talking about mental health. Research and evaluation shows that MHFA England courses make a lasting difference in people’s knowledge and confidence around mental health. 


Join a global community - the courses originated in Australia in 2000 and are now practiced in 25 countries internationally, over 3 million people worldwide have been trained including 400,000 in England alone.

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What Does Mental Health First Aid Training Do?


The courses give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to look after their mental health and support those they come into contact with.


At present there is a lot of disparity in our knowledge between mental health and physical health, yet we all have both. MHFA tackles this gap in knowledge, educating people on the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions. MHFA also helps tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, which is the very thing that hinders many people seeking the help they need to recover from or manage poor mental health. 


Who Should Take These Courses?


Everyone has mental health, everyone can benefit from MHFA training. Statistics say that 1 in 4 of us will experience poor mental health in our life time, but 4 of 4 of us have mental health, and we can all learn through the MHFA course how to help ourselves and others. You may not have personally experienced poor mental health, but someone you know will, would you know how to help? 

We work with a number of Instructor Members who are approved by MHFA England to deliver this training. MHFA England training, courses and Instructor Members are continually quality assured, using robust assessment and evaluation measures

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