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Mental Health Awareness Training

MHFA England Course

Mental health, in general is still shrouded in misconceptions and myths. Within this half day mental health awareness course we aim to humanise and de-stigmatise mental health. We will highlight common misconceptions surrounding mental health. We will have a brief look at the most common mental health conditions, warning signs of a developing mental health issue and build confidence in talking to someone in distress. You will also learn how your own mental health can be cultivated to improve your own wellbeing. 


The course centres on a journey around the Mental Health Continuum which demonstrates how our mental health is fluid and changes over time, there are no absolutes. The course structure is a medley of presentations, workshops and group discussions, at the end you will get a certificate to say that you are Mental Health Aware. 



Mental Health Awareness (Half Day) Course Structure: 


  • What is mental health?

  • What impacts mental health (protective and risk factors) 

  • Why is there stigma, and how can we reduce it.

  • Recognising the signs of poor mental health. 

  • A look at the most common mental health conditions.

  • Managing symptoms and where to go for help.

  • Supporting mental health in the workplace.

Course Material Included: 

Each delegate receives a Manual, workbook, certificate. 

Course Capacity: Maximum of 25 people per Mental Health Aware Course, optimum training numbers are between 8 - 16 people. 

Delivery Options: Available as an in-house workplace course anywhere in England or book individual places on an open course online.

Mental Health Aware - book individual places

Tuesday 14th March

09:00 - 13:00 hosted on Zoom

Thursday 27th April 

13:00 - 17:00 hosted on Zoom

MHFA England value this training at £125pp. 

Includes course materials posted in advance

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