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Mental Health Awareness Training
MHFA England Course

Mental health, in general is still shrouded in misconceptions and myths. Within this half day mental health awareness course we aim to humanise and de-stigmatise mental health. We will highlight common misconceptions surrounding mental health. We will have a brief look at the most common mental health conditions, warning signs of a developing mental health issue and build confidence in talking to someone in distress. You will also learn how your own mental health can be cultivated to improve your own wellbeing. 


The course centres on a journey around the Mental Health Continuum which demonstrates how our mental health is fluid and changes over time, there are no absolutes. The course structure is a medley of presentations, workshops and group discussions, at the end you will get an MHFA England certificate to say that you are Mental Health Aware. 

  • Two days training, you will gain skills to;
    Recognise those that may be experiencing poor mental health and provide them with first-level support and early intervention Encourage a person to identify and access sources of professional help and other supports Practise active listening and empathy Have a conversation with improved mental health literacy around language and stigma Discuss the MHFAider® role in depth, including boundaries and confidentiality Practise self-care
  • Everyone who completes the course gets:
    A hard copy workbook to support their learning throughout the course A digital manual to refer to whenever they need it​ after completing the course A wallet-sized reference card with the Mental Health First Aid action plan​ A digital MHFAider® certificate Access to the MHFAider Support App® for three years Access to ongoing learning opportunities, resources and exclusive events ​ The opportunity to be part of the largest MHFAider® community in England
  • What is the course structure?
    Learning takes places through a medley of group discussions, videos, workshop activities and case studies. The pace is kept light and easy to follow whilst being incredibly thought provoking.
  • What are the training options?
    In-person classroom training: We currently run in-person mental health first aid courses where individual places can be booked. The classroom format is two days training. See locations at bottom of this web page. ​ Online deliveries: Same training and certificate, delivered via live virtual classrooms- Mental health first aid online ​ Private group training: If you have six or more people to train you have the option to chose your own dates and schedule.
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Mental Health Awareness (half day) Course Structure

  • What is mental health?

  • What impacts mental health (protective and risk factors) 

  • Why is there stigma, and how can we reduce it.

  • Recognising the signs of poor mental health. 

  • A look at the most common mental health conditions.

  • Managing symptoms and where to go for help.

  • Supporting mental health in the workplace.

Mental Health Awareness Courses
Book individual places - £125pp

Booking for multiple people?

Group of six or more can be booked for private group training face to face or online.


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