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Become a Mental Health First Aider


Become a mental health first aider online. This is the official MHFA England accredited training which is practised internationally.  Join a community of over 3 million people worldwide who are trained in mental health first aid skills. 


The course is now available for the first time online in response to the pandemic. The course has been especially adapted for online delivery. Whilst we always advocate for in-person training in mental health topics we recognise that with the training now being more vital than ever this needs to be made as accessible as possible. If you prefer in-person classroom training please see Public Mental Health First Aid Courses.


The course is split into four manageable sessions across two weeks. Learning is divided between self-lead learning and live interactive sessions.


Self-lead learning format

An intuitive and interactive platform which guides you through learning via videos, work book activities, quizzes and manual reading. 


Live sessions

Facilitated by two Mental Health First Aid Instructors via the MHFA England online learning hub platform which is easy to use and access. We guide learners through the course with group discussions and activities. Participation within peoples learners comfort zones is actively encouraged and we welcome all questions. 

Safety first 

We always have two facilitators on each course to ensure we can keep everyone safe and supported whilst learning. We also limit numbers to a maximam of 12 people. 


Course materials

Each learner receives a MHFA England detailed manual and workbook, MHFA England lanyard and action card. At the end you are a certified Mental Health First Aider and will receive an electronic certificate.



MHFA Online Course Breakdown

(total study time of approx. 15 hours)


Session one


Self-lead (1 hour):

Why mental health first aid

The mental health first aid action plan 

What is mental health 

Impact of mental health 

Stress container 


Live Session (1.45 hours):

Introduction to course functions

Introduction to the course

ALGEE and mental health introduction recap


Risk and protective factors

10 minute break

Frame of Reference

The Mental Health Continuum

Introduction to the Stress Container


Session two 


Self-lead (2 hours):

What is depression?

Risk factors for depression

Mental health first aid for depression

Introduction to suicide 


Live session (2.5 hours):

Recap of individual learning on depression

Prevalence of suicide

Suicide, substance misuse and dual diagnosis

Analyse the impact of suicidal feelings

Recap of ALGEE and risk factors for suicide

Explain Mental Health First Aid action plan 1 for suicide

10 minute break

Explain non-judgemental listening, Empathy video

Practice using ALGEE in case study scenarios

Review of ALGEE for suicide and depression



Session three 


Self-lead (2 hours):

Individual learning session three 

What is anxiety?

Mental health first aid for anxiety

What are eating disorders

What is self-harm?

Mental health first aid for self-harm

What are personality disorders?


Live session (2 hours):

Recap of individual learning of anxiety

Recap of the five basic steps of ALGEE for anxiety

Explain action 1 for anxiety

How to support someone who is having a panic attack

Explain crisis first aid

Practice action 2: non-judgemental listening

10 minute break

Practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan for anxiety

Recap of ALGEE for anxiety

Explain cognitive behavioural therapy

Recap of eating disorders and self-harm

Case study for eating disorders and self-harm

Review ALGEE for eating disorders and self-harm


Session four


Self-lead (2 hours)

Individual learning session four 

What are psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder?

Risk factors for psychosis 

Mental health first aid for psychosis 

Helpful and unhelpful responses 

My action plan for using mental health first aid 


Live session (1 hour 55 minutes):

Review of individual learning on psychosis

Explain the development of symptoms of psychosis

Review the five steps of ALGEE for psychosis

Group discussion about MHFA Australia psychosis video

Case study activity using Mental Health First Aid action plan for psychosis

10 minute break


Explore how to build a mentally healthy workplace

Start action plan to use Mental Health First Aid








Classroom training 

In-person classroom training resumes from July onwards across our 8 locations. We have always opted for large bright training rooms and will be using even bigger rooms now to practice social distancing. We will also be running on reduced group sizes and practising increased hygiene and safety measures. See classroom courses

Youth training 

We have classroom courses for Youth Mental Health First Aid running from July onwards. it is anticipated that the Youth course will soon also be available online - please get in touch to register your interest and be first to be informed: 

Private group training 

We can host private training sessions for groups of 7 or more people - please get in touch: or call 01277 801 844. 


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