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Every Mind Matters 

This week it is World Mental Health Day (October 10th) the theme this year is Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention. 


Ahead of this the Department of Health with help from MHFA England have launched Every mind Matters which is the Department of Health’s first National mental health campaign. The campaign video is narrated by the Royals and celebrities and is due to air on our screens at 8:45 pm on Monday 14th October. There are reports that the NHS website crashed with the sheer amount of people viewing the video (link at the bottom of this page)


What is Every Mind Matters?


At its heart is a new digital tool designed by experts to help us maintain and manage our mental health. There is an interactive tool which makes suggestions based on our current state of mind. This tool is about guiding us to make small steps to better mental health. There is no one size fits all and the interactive mind mapping tool gives the option to shuffle another suggestion.


The free NHS approved online tool is designed to help us;


-Deal with stress

-Boost our mood

-Improve our sleep

-Feel more in control


Try the mind mapping tool here. 


The World Mental Health Day theme as we mentioned is Suicide prevention, this is something we cover in our Mental Health First Aid Courses, find out more ;


Find out more about Mental Health First Aid 


Watch the campaign video here

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